R.H. Marcon Inc.ís Maintenance Program ensures that your finished project will stand the test of time beautifully.
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For more information regarding our Roof Maintenance Program and/or RoofTop Solutions please contact our Maintenance Department by calling 814-238-2800 or emailing maintenance@rhmarcon.com

Roof Maintenance Program

For any building owner, roofing is a major investment. Every day, your roof is exposed to weather and stress that can shorten its lifespan and increase the cost of repairs. Protect your investment with R.H. Marcon Inc.ís Roof Maintenance Program.


Our maintenance professionals will perform a detailed visual inspection of your roof at regular intervals and make prompt repairs before minor flaws turn into major problems. During heavy precipitation, our maintenance customers receive top priority. We make sure your roof continues to do its job, keeping the interior dry and maintaining energy efficiency.


Is your new roof covered by a warranty? Even if it is you are still responsible for regular maintenance so as not to void that warranty. Join our Roof Maintenance Program and rest easy knowing that your investment is well-protected.

Our Roof Maintenance Program protects your roofing investment by detecting minor flaws before damage becomes widespread.