PSU School of Architecture and Landscape

The 111,000-square-foot facility was the first new
Penn State building to meet national criteria as
environmentally friendly, sustainable architecture.

Client: Penn State University
Location: University Park, Pennsylvania
Architect: Overland Partners
Project Type: copper wall panels and TPO roofing

R.H. Marcon Inc.’s expertise helped the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Building earn Penn State’s first LEED certification for environmentally friendly, sustainable architecture. Also known as the Stuckeman Family Center, the 111,000- square-foot building’s most striking feature is the green-colored recycled-copper cladding that envelopes one wing. Marcon planned and carried out the installation of 40,000 square feet of the pre-patinated Revere Copper wall panels, from finding a supplier

within 500 miles of the site (to meet LEED requirements) to fabricating panels with exact specifications and dimensions to meet the design intent of the copper wall cladding.

Marcon also installed 35,800 square feet of Firestone white TPO single-ply roofing on the SALA Building. TPO membranes increase energy efficiency by reflecting heat, while providing excellent resistance to ultraviolet, ozone, and chemical exposure.