Geisinger Gray's Woods Clinic

This new 64,350-square-foot clinic just off Interstate 99 in Patton Township features recycled and locally obtained building materials and increases energy efficiency through the use of natural lighting.

Client: Geisinger Health System
Location: State College, Pennsylvania
Architect: Ewing Cole
Project Type: garden, metal and TPO roofing

R.H. Marcon Inc. installed three different types of roofing for this new Geisinger Health System clinic. The largest portion consisted of 26,500 square feet of totally adhered Firestone TPO roofing. Marcon’s “green” expertise came into play with a 1,500- square-foot American Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly over the building’s boiler room. Finally, Marcon’s expert crew installed

11,000 square feet of IMETCO Series 300 metal roofing along the building’s front elevation, cutting and laying out metal panels with precision to fit around 20 skylights.

All work proceeded on a compressed schedule to meet Geisinger’s opening deadline for this ambulatory care clinic.